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24 October 2013

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Redevelopment of the Sand Management Network Website. 

Welcome to the long anticipated ‘home’ of the Sand Management Network (SMN) www.sandmanagement.com.  In partnership with one of Scotland's top web design, and e-commerce development companies, the SMN has updated, refreshed and re-launched its on-line resource.   

To be updated, edited and managed by the SMN Technical Assistant, the site is expected to bring together all the components of the SMN in one community space accessible 24/7 worldwide. 

Replacing the previous version of www.sandmanagement.com was not an easy task, the project kicked-off in 2013 with objectives to create an aesthetically pleasing design, which allowed users to browse content, data and the latest updates available both publicly and via a Secure Members Area login.  The website requirements detailed security, functionality and user-friendliness alongside technical specifications to house the collection of information related to sand management gathered by the SMN community and to provide interactive services.

A Members Zone contains a library structure which allows the user to filter searches for meeting content or event content, and to view content.  The technical database with search and find options allowing the user to sort and manipulate data field views.  Key figures and committee member contact information for the network are filed, and the news and events features will keep SMN members up to date and informed of the latest developments within the network, including event details, announcements and summaries.  An on-line secure discussion section should keep everyone busy, inspiring lively debate from all corners of the Globe on topical sand management and industry developments.

Based on the concept of information management, the website offers members the opportunity to share their knowledge, experiences and know-how in the discipline of sand management technologies and strategies used in the global Oil and Gas Industry, in addition to identifying technology gaps.  Various features allow users to consume as well as produce content.  SMN events, news, discussion and meetings are organised here for members.  The SMN technical assistant will administrate the website and provide technical assistance.  Contributions from members to news and discussion content, in particular, are welcomed.  The website has many functions and in turn we must maintain and develop her properly. 

The Sand management network is the main resource of sand management related information in the Oil and Gas Industry.  Worldwide, sand management operations in oil and gas fields are being applied regularly.  Sand management is one of the major challenges being faced in producing oil and gas optimally.  As earth’s energy needs increase, so does the responsibility of the energy sector to provide economic and environmental energy solutions.  In the oil and gas industry, production optimisation is a key concept in providing resources to meet global energy needs.  SMN members meet and exchange knowledge on sand management methods, techniques, technologies and more. SMN was established in 2002, and is at the mid-point of its 6th phase.  The network members and SMN objectives can be found on the website main page.  There are ongoing projects and intitiatives going forward for the next phase, please visit sandmanagement.com for regular updates and event details.


Upcoming Events and project information can be found in the news & events section of the website.



Access of website features are MEMBERS ONLY.

Please Log In with your USERNAME and PASSWORD for the Sand Management Network Members Only Zone.

New Sand Management Network Website Homepage Features include:



Library - Collection of SMN documents, including: Meeting Downloads, Event content Downloads

Technical Database, Sand screens equipment database & sand management & operation database

Contacts database, including: Focal points, TSC - Steering committee and TAG - Technical Advisory Group membership & SMN Administration

Discussion Section to participate in.

For more information: SMN Members contact SMN Technical Assistant John Thorburn

email: j.thorburn@rgu.ac.uk  

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If you are not a member of the Sand Management Network, please use the Contact Us Form on Main page for enquiries.





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