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23 October 2013

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List of Suggested Topics for 2014 SMN Technology Forums

Compiled from member suggestions.  Add your suggestions here.

  • Abrasion / corrosion resistant valves, chokes, pipeline
  • Chemical injection related sand failure and production
  • CFD models
  • Down-hole power generation in sandface completions
  • Sand characterisation
  • Sand production prediction
  • Sand transport and erosion modelling and monitoring
  • Sand prediction failure criteria
  • Sand Retention / evaluation of testing
  • Sand control screens and future technologies
  • Sand control with intelligent zone systems
  • Sand control in HPHT oil and gas condensate reservoirs
  • Sand Transport tools. Modelling/ prediction of sand transport
  • Sand monitoring / improve existing tools (ASD) / need for new technology
  • Screen centralisation
  • Flow assurance
  • Formation testing on gravel packs and SAS
  • Formation damage in Open Hole Completions, to cover mud design and filter cake breaker
  • Clean-up of highly deviated/horizontal SAS completions & mud removal
  • Long term formation damage testing for sand control completions
  • Limits of sand control completions in relation to drawdowns
  • High drawdowns and SAS / GP's
  • Practical drawdown limits for sand control completions
  • OHGP sand face completions
  • OHGP best practice, lessons learned, technologies advancement
  • ICD screens, nozzles, chokes
  • Intelligent sand control applications
  • Intelligent wells
  • Sand management for well testing – DST
  • Well intervention requirements for sand management
  • Mechanical induced friction reduction tool options and fluids
  • Passive and autonomous inflow control devices
  • Nanotechnology
  • Emerging technologies - nanotechnology in drilling and downhole completions
  • Monitoring and surveillance options
  • Simulation technology / solutions
  • Sub-sea processing - processing/ separation / compression and the impact on completions
  • Wellbore clean-up, reservoir drill in fluid, fluid management
  • Washdown options when RIH with screens
  • Lessons learnt using packers and isolation
  • Best Practices
  • Best completion fluid displacement OHGP and SAS, friction reducers
    (chemical), shale stabilizers
  • Best practices for lower completion deployment, operational aspects - a.mechanical b.fluids
  • New technologies


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