CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Sand Control Fluids Delivering Well Performance

08 March 2017

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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Sand Control Fluids Delivering Well Performance

The Sand Management Network invites you to submit a presentation abstract for the next members’ forum on the 25th May 2017. Your company need not be members of the Sand Management Network to make a presentation.

The critical role that fluids play in Sand Management is often overlooked in the Oil and Gas industry. The selection, assurance testing and operational execution of the sand control fluids design is a major factor in optimising production and maximising asset value. This ranges from their effects downhole on formation damage and completion performance to topsides filtration, cleaning or handling packages.

You are invited to share case studies, new and existing technologies, modelling, best practices and recommendations on the effect of fluids on sand management from your experience, current role or practice.

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