Postponement of the Euroforum 2020

12 March 2020

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  • Implementation and developing standards and codes of practice

    We invite suggestions for papers which relate to the following:

    A review of standards and codes of practice that apply to operations involving sand Management.
    Challenges and opportunities relating to standards or codes of practice that involve sand management.
    Government legislation that will effect sand management.
    Case studies of developments relating to sand management that enables compliance with standards or codes of practice or government legislation.
    Proposals of where existing standards or codes of practice can be improved (related to sand management but possibly broader than this where sand management has a role to play).
    Proposals of where new standards or codes of practice are needed.
    Arguments and Examples of where standardisation of practice can or should be implemented and what is needed to put these in place?

    Deadline for short abstracts is Wednesday 28 July 2021.

    Note that timings may be revised on receipt of abstracts and time zones for presenters.

    Open to: SMN Members

    Date: 26/08/2021
    Time: 10:00-12:00

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SPE Aberdeen and the SMN have been in constant contact over past weeks on the Corona Virus and previously decided to continue with the event, which was in line with the UK Government's Chief Medical Officer and World Health Organisation guidelines.

However, many organisations are prioritising the need to curb infection in society and maintain primary business activity. Many organisations are instructing staff not to participate in large meetings or indeed to travel.  We fully support this.

Hence, we feel that we must now postpone Euroforum 2020 because the risks being taken do not justify the benefits, especially when there are other options.

We have therefore decided to reschedule the event to a later date in 2020

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