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15 January 2014

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Sand Management Technical Papers Series

A sample of the most informative reading material on sand management;  All Papers sourced from

Series 3; Overview of Sand Control

Sand management - Sand Control, a selection of technical papers on the subject.

  • A New Sand Control System [1962]
  • Authors; Mann, R.L., Phansalkar, A.K., and Landers, J.E., (Continental Oil Company)
  • 423-MS SPE Conference Paper - 1962 
  • Unlocking the Limits of Sand Screen Reliability with an Innovative and Self-Adapting Technology [2011]
  • Authors; Yeh, Charles S. (ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.), Moffett, Tracy, (Exxon Mobil Corporation), Mayer, Christian Sebastian Jakob (ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.), Bailey, Nathan (Exxon Mobil Corporation), Howell, David A. (Exxon Mobil Corporation), Barry, Mike D. (ExxonMobil Development Co.), Hecker, Michael Thomas (ExxonMobil Development Co.), Green, Annabel (Weatherford), Gillespie, George (Weatherford International Ltd.), Hall, Christopher A. (Weatherford International) and McNamee, Stephen (Weatherford International)
  • 14623-MS IPTC Conference Paper - 2011
  • Screen Selection for Sand Control Based on Laboratory Tests
  • Authors; George Gillespie (USF/Johnson Screens) | Calvin K. Deem (Calvin Deem Consulting) | Christophe Malbrel (USF/Johnson Screens)
  • SPE-64398-MS; Source: SPE Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition, 16-18 October, Brisbane, Australia 2000
  • A Self-Mitigating Sand Control Screen
  • Yeh, Charles S., ExxonMobil Upstream Research
  • Moffett, Tracy, ExxonMobil
  • Petrie, Dennis H., ExxonMobil Upstream Research
  • Entchev, Pavlin B., ExxonMobil Upstream Research
  • Long, Ted, ExxonMobil Upstream Research
  • Clingman, Scott, ExxonMobil Upstream Research
  • Dale, Bruce A., ExxonMobil Upstream Research
  • Harrison, Larry, ExxonMobil Upstream Research
  • Barry, Michael D., ExxonMobil Development Co.
  • Hecker, Michael Thomas, ExxonMobil Development Co.
  • Howell, David A., ExxonMobil








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