NOW CLOSED - Call for Abstracts for March Forum

08 December 2014

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Upcoming Events

Prediction versus Reality

The Sand Management Network (SMN) is holding a technical forum for its members. Up to four attendees can attend from each member company at no charge.

You are invited to submit an abstract for a 25 minute presentation. Your company need not be a member of the Sand Management Network.

This is an opportunity to address between 50 and 100 industry specialists and share your knowledge.

Topic ideas suggested by SMN members at the last technical forum:

• HPHT sand control
• Compliant sand control
• Tracers lessons learned
• Remedial sand control
• Rock mechanics/geomechanics
• Shallow ERD developments
• Screen failure updated statistics
• Effect on chemicals in sand failure (cohesion)
• Sand failure model – Failure, Transport, Erosion
• Incorporation of 4th phase (sand) in simulations
• Transient conditions (prediction) - Shut-ins, Start-ups
• Surveillance of parameters in real time to predict – “Use what we know to predict what we don’t know”
• Sand failure model verification – model improvement
• Sand volume prediction – sand and fines
• Are current models fit for purpose? Where are the gaps?
• Data gathering of availability for sounding?
• Case histories


Upload your abstract (maximum 200 words) on
Alternatively, if you know of a presentation you’d like to hear from a company that is not a member of the Sand
Management Network, please encourage them to submit an abstract.
The actual presentation will be required at least 2 weeks in advance of the workshop for review. It may include branding on the first/last slides only and must not be ‘sales pitch’ style. Presentations will be posted on the members’ website after the event.

No documents will be handed out to attendees.

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