CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - R&D Technical forum 28 May - Deadline 20 April

20 April 2015

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Upcoming Events

  • SMN Technology Showcase

    The SMN Technology Showcase is a new event in the SMN portfolio and we want to profile our members who are innovative, leading edge companies breaking boundaries.

    We are searching for members to tell us what exactly you are offering and why you are making a difference in your field.   We are looking for submissions on new technology, demonstration in the field, research on your new technology, and application.

    We will have a panel of judges who will select the top six applicants to go forward to present at the Showcase, and will then be sitting in on your presentation, asking some searching questions and finally evaluating and selecting a winner.

    The eventual winner will be presented with a trophy. 

    This is a chance for you to shine and gain recognition across our network and social media channels.  Each participant will be profiled in the run up in the event.

    Details coming very soon

    Open to: SMN Members

    Date: 28/09/2022
    Time: 10:00-16:00

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  • The SMN Students Annual Competition 2022

    We are looking to showcase the up and coming talent for the sand management community, an excellent opportunity for students/early career graduates to profile their work in the field and/or projects they are working on in the industry.

    Entry ualifications:

    • Are you a member of the Sand Management Network?  Do you work with students or graduates who are excelling in their field?  Would you wish to profile your work to the wider SMN group?
    • Are you an academic member who wishes to nominate your rising stars in your organisation?
    • Are you a student member who wants to profile your work/plans in the sand management network? Well talk to your focal point who will shortlist and nominate students.

    If so, then we wish to hear from you.

    We will have a panel of judges who will select the top six applicants to go forward to present at the competition, and will then be sitting in on your presentation, asking some searching questions and finally evaluating and selecting a winner.

    Further details coming soon...

    Open to: SMN Members

    Date: 23/11/2022
    Time: 10:00-16:00

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Sand Management Network

Technical Forum

Thursday 28th May 2015




  • Operators and venture capitalists can hear about new technologies or current research

  • Service companies, operators and academia can gain exposure for new technologies and research projects

  • Share knowledge among SMN members


CALL FOR ABSTRACTS for presentations – by 20th April

UPLOAD YOUR ABSTRACT ONLINE HERE (200 words summary of your proposed presentation)


  • How can industry take a step change in dealing with sand in wells?
  • How can Sand Management Network companies make this happen?


Sand Management Network (SMN) has identified some of the problems holding us back, by asking operator members and through members’ workshop sessions. Now SMN aims to showcase some of the latest ideas and developments. Could these answer these challenges?

ITF, the Industry Technology Facilitator, is engaged with SMN to offer guidance in bringing these innovations to market.

If you are an operator or an academic - Please submit an abstract for a presentation (20 minutes) on R&D or current research into sand management.

If you are a service company - We invite you to submit an abstract for a brief presentation (10 minutes) about an innovative breakthrough, tool or technology which your company offers and believes will help industry deal with the problems of sand.

Unproven technologies are welcome.

All presenters will also have a poster board to display an A1 poster to accompany their talk.


Some of the technology gaps and problems identified by SMN include:

  • Erosion/corrosion: Use of better resistant materials for surface and subsurface equipment. Enhanced reliability is technically possible but with a tendency to be economically unattractive.

  • Quantifying sand production: Surface sand detectors are most often used for qualitatively assess sand production from wells. Quantitatively allocating sand from wells or individual zones is a common challenge to (practically) do.

  • Formation evaluation of gravel pack completed wells.

  • Retrofitting for sand management, especially inside wells: This can either be subsurface or facilities. Designing an effective sand removal or sand control system from the offset is simple, relatively speaking. Dealing with unexpected sand production on an offshore field may be near impossible and bound to lead to lead to large production losses/deferments.

  • Related to retrofitting for sand management: ‘best practices’ in terms of ‘sand trap’ design  before the main process inlet (e.g. on wellheads)

  • Predicting sand production (quantitatively) early in the development phase. Requires better formation evaluation and production models.

  • Sand drop-out prediction in (often sequential) process stages. Sand (fines) sometimes never drops out. Can this be influenced/enhanced chemically?


Only Sand Management Network member companies can attend the technical forum, but non-members are welcome to submit a presentation and attend as presenters. ITF and venture capitalist companies may also be in attendance.



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