17 July 2015

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Sand Management Network Technology Forum

24th September 2015 - Aberdeen

Sand Management


CALL FOR ABSTRACTS Deadline 17th July

The Sand Management Network invites you to submit a presentation abstract for the upcoming members’ forum on the 24th of September 2015. Your company need not be members of the Sand Management Network to make a presentation as abstracts are selected based on their technical merit and adherence to the general theme.

For this next meeting the general theme will be weighted towards holistic field sand management strategies. Whether the strategy is or was to utilise sand exclusion or management at surface the forum would be very interested in hearing what the field strategy was, how it was implemented and what were the outcome. This extends into the use of remedial methods as part of the overall field strategy.


Topic areas of interest include:


  • Chemical sand control – application of resin and other non-resin chemicals
  • Extending well completion life through remedial planning
  • Longer life completions strategy
  • Development and application of new materials
    • Erosion-free tubing materials
    • New development materials – ceramics
  • Sand disposal – discharge
  • Cost reduction through design and lower specification
  • Techniques to improve sand control reliability

o Damage tolerance

o Self-mitigation

  • Cost-effective and reliable sand control strategies without impairment

o Ultra to Extreme HPHT fields

  • Reduce complexity of completions
  • Tracer surveillance

o Remedial actions

o Prevention versus reactive




Upload your abstract (maximum 200 words) on

Alternatively, if you know of a presentation you’d like to hear from a company that is not a member of the Sand Management Network, please encourage them to submit an abstract.

The actual presentation will be required at least 2 weeks in advance of the workshop for review. It may include branding on the first/last slides only and must not be ‘sales pitch’ style. Presentations will be posted on the members’ website after the event. No documents will be handed out to attendees.



Sand Management Network Managers, Rodger and Co Email Telephone +44(0)1224 495051

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