02 November 2016

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Sand Management Network Technology Forum

9 February 2017

Topic: Geomechanics of the Sand face


CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Deadline 30th November 2016


The Sand Management Network invites you to submit a presentation abstract for the next members’ forum on the 9th February 2017. Your company need not be members of the Sand Management Network to make a presentation.

Hydrocarbon production is stress and pressure driven and Geomechanics is the science that seeks to understand the role of stresses and pressures in the safe exploitation of hydrocarbon from the reservoir to the sand face and wellbore. This forum is geared towards understanding how Geomechanics can be used to enhance production/injection through better sand management and sand control selection. It seeks to discuss how it can be used in today’s market environment to ensure that oil exploration and production is achieved in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner. You are invited to share case studies, modelling, best practices and recommendations on how geomechanical characterisation of the sand face can improve wellbore design to mitigate sand production, design sand control solutions and drive operational strategy in hydrocarbon production or water injection.

Topics of interest include:

  • Advanced sand production prediction methods
  • Advanced sand volumes prediction (producers and injectors)
  • Geomechanical consideration for HPHT, multilateral and injector wells
  • How Geomechanics drives the topsides sand management process and production optimisation.
  • Stresses and rock properties over time at the near wellbore



Send your abstract (maximum 200 words) to the Sand Management Network Manager - Email by 30th November latest.


Non-member presentations welcome!

If you know of a presentation you’d like to hear from a company that is not a member of the Sand Management Network, please encourage them to submit an abstract.


The actual presentation will be required 1 week in advance of the workshop for review. It may include branding on the first/last slides only and must not include a ‘sales pitch’ for your organisation. Presentations will be posted on the members only website in PDF format after the event. No documents will be handed out to attendees.




Sand Management Network Manager, Katrina Dunbar


Telephone 01224 900035 or 07764 446939


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